Above: Strawberry Creek meanders onto mudflats from a pipe just south of University Avenue in Berkeley.

Below: When we started, the beach was covered in a near-monoculture of invasive ice plant, with large stands of invasive perennial pepperweed, a threat to the ecology of the Bay shore. Scroll down for a slide show of our volunteers' work in this area.

Because Strawberry Creek drains Berkeley's central business districts, its beach is plagued with trash dropped in city streets. Many volunteers help clean it up.

Strawberry Creek

The mouth of Strawberry Creek, now part of Eastshore State Park, is important habitat for shorebirds and, thanks to Friends of Five Creeks' efforts, a popular place for bird watching, dog walking, and other relaxed enjoyment of nature.

Friends of Five Creeks volunteers control the the perennial pepperweed that could take over the area — a never-ending task. We also have removed other invasives, particularly ice plant, Pampas grass, and French broom. Varied natives are coming on their own; F5C volunteers have planted others. A Boy Scout Eagle project built steps.

Our maintenance continues and extends west along the shoreline to our Shorebird Park project. Friends of Five Creeks' Weekday Weed Warriors also help the East Bay Regional Park District maintain the restored Berkeley Meadow across University -- including spotting, mapping, and removing invasive stinkwort.

Map and Directions

  • If you park at Sea Breeze Market (map and directions), the easiest access to the beach is from the southwest corner of the parking lot.
  • Some AC Transit 51B buses stop on University at Sea Breeze. Others end at Third Street on the east side of the I-880/580 freeway. From these, walk one block south and west on Addison, past the south end of the Aquatic Park lagoon, to cross the freeway on the pedestrian/bicycle bridge. This brings you down at the south end of the Sea Breeze parking lot.
  • By bicycle or on foot, the area is easily reached via the pedestrian-bicycle bridge or the Bay Trail.
  • OpenStreetMap has an online map of the trails in this area.