We all need to save water….Here’s how to get 

FREE STUFF to help you do it!

Start with a free Home Survey Kit. You’ll learn how to read your water meter, test for leaks, and check flow rates, appliances, irrigation hardware, and watering schedules. Return your survey results of EBMUD for free water-saving devices! You’ll also qualify for a free in-person water survey (available for businesses, too)

EB MUD customers can pick up free water saving faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads and garden-hose nozzles, 8 AM-4:30 PM Mon. – Fri. at the EB MUD Administration Building, 375 11th St., Oakland, First Floor Lobby Service Center. (For multi-family, too; limit one time per account.)

Rebates can help you replace your lawn with beautiful low-water plants, replace sprinklers with drip irrigation or high-efficiency rotating nozzles, replace conventional irrigation timers with smart controllers, install a graywater valve for diverting laundry water to your garden, or even install pressure regulators or iirrigation submeters. 

Homeowners and businesses can get rebates for installing water-saving toilets

Both EB MUD and PG&E offer rebates for installing high-efficiency washing machines

Businesses, especially hotels and restaurants, can get free water-saving cards, stickers, and posters.

Multi-family housing can get rebates on sub-meters for separate tracking and billing.  

Within EB MUD’s service area, get a discount on the beautiful and informative book, Plants and Landscapes for Summer Dry Climates. Local nurseries give great free advice on water-saving plants.

Mulch is key to reducing outdoor watering or converting your lawn to garden. Wood chips are available free fromlocal cities including Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito.  Check city web sites and contact their parks departments. Tree trimmers also usually will supply free chips, but check whether it may be full of pest seeds (such as acacia or broom). Produce your own mulch free by composting. 

Classroom materials on saving water are available free