Recent Volunteering

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Weed Warriors pulling broom in Tilden

Above: In November, our Weekday Weed Warriors pulled broom in Tilden, as well as working along the Bay and elsehwere. Below: Prospect Sierra 8th graders cut invasive fennel and pulled re-sprouting broom in the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area.

Cutting Fennel in Hillside Natural Area

Below:More than 25 volunteers planted more than 200 plants, and removed sacks of invasive blackberries, at our big Cerrito Creek work party in November. 

Planting on Cerrito Creek
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Helping Nature in the East Bay – Hands On

All-volunteer Friends of Five Creeks works hands-on for clean water and healthy watersheds. We protect and restore natural areas that welcome both wildlife and people, from Berkeley to Richmond on the urbanized east side of San Francisco Bay. See map and slide shows of some of our restoration projectsPlease join us in:

  • Work parties restoring native vegetation and wildlife habitat, lessening erosion and flooding, providing trails and green corridors.
  • Free guided walks open to all.
  • Tuesday morning weekday weed warriors in varied natural areas.
  • Public education including free Bay Currents talks, e-newsletter, signs, publications, web sites, appearances at festivals, and more.
  • Advocating, participating in political processes, and partnering with agencies and other groups.

For information or to arrange a work party for your group, contact or (510)848-9358. Click here to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Click here to donate or join!

New and Seasonal

Volunteer planting at Cerrito CreekNew: Our 20th year in photos in our 2016 Annual Newsletter! See what volunteers can do -- and please donate to help us continue to weave green threads into our urban fabric.

New: Background documents on Albany Hill and Albany Creeks funding: The City of Albany is considering how to spend remaining funds earmarked for creeks and Albany Hill from Measure R, a 1998 levy that ends in 2019, when bonds it sold also mature. This new section of our website has plans and other documents showing ideas for creeks and the hill back to the 1990s, as well as current ideas. We plan to add many more documents to this new part of our site. If you have an idea on what should be there, please let us know.

No December general work party -- enjoy your holidays! Weekday Weed Warriors continue, along with work parties for youth groups. Our Thurs., Dec. 15 walk for ages 50+, during a King Tide, celebrates Bay environmentalist Sylvia McLaughlin and explores what rising sea levels will mean. General work parties resume Sat., Jan. 14 -- join us removing French broom and other fire-prone invasives in the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area, with great views! Watch for details on our events calendar.

Bay Currents free talks on Bay Area nature and environmental issues resume Tues., Jan. 10, with "Welcome Back Otters." Megan Isadore, head of the River Otter Ecology Project, brings new research findings and the heartening story of how these lithe, elusive carnivores are returning to the Bay Area.

This talk is co-sponsored with the California Center for Natural History and Bay Nature Magazine. See the article on river otters in the current issue of Bay Nature! (Looking for a great holiday gift? Find a special subscription offer here for this beautiful and informative magazine.)

Bay Currents talks are second or third Tuesdays at St. Alban's Parish Hall, 1501 Washington, Albany -- refreshments 7 PM, talks 7:30 PM. Full spring schedule soon! Sign up for notification here.

Updated: Climate Charities -- Ideas for giving to combat global warming.

Updated: Who Ya Gonna Call about Water Pollution? A guide to reporting problems.